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my subconscious is trying to tell me something

Currently plagued by nightmares. Most of them are entirely self-evident and do not require any sort of psychological training to evaluate. F'instance, last week I dreamt that I was going on the first privately-funded space mission to Mars. A month before the launch, nothing was ready, all the equipment was in a terrible state, no one involved had had any sort of training - we were blatently all going to die horribly. Yet, for some reason, instead of throwing my hands up in disgust and pulling out, I was running round trying to patch things up, trying to get NASA-trained scientists to come in and help us, doing everything possible to make sure we only died uncomfortably rather than messily. Hrm.

One of last night's monstrosities featured someone who used to be a close friend but who I've barely spoken to for a couple of years being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. For some reason I was the person next to him in the hospital (dreams are weird like that), so he turned to me for advice. In the dream I was drawing a nerve cell on paper, explaining what the myelin sheath is, explaining what happens when it breaks down... and I remember talking about the four different kinds of multiple sclerosis and the possible prognosis of each.

I should make a list of things my subconscious is trying to tell me.

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