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This was a good metaphor when I started...

Argh, *twitch twitch* I have been without internet connectivity for 2 days (since leaving Seattle). Plus I was kinda busy for a couple of days before that. I am now sitting in the alt.polycon consuite with a connection courtesy of the very nice Nate ("the one that fairest one lives with"). So you will now get the entire description of my past couple of days - haha.

I am officially In Love with Seattle. I had a bit of a crush when I went there before and it's definitely deepening. Would any of my London friends mind if I moved there? Eh, I guess you would. It could be difficult to move my entire partner/friend/partners of partners extended family thing over (and some of them might object). Hrm. Well, if I'm not monogamous with people, I don't have to be monogamous with cities either, right? So London is my life partner, the one I'm intimately life-entangled with, the one I can't imagine being away from for more than a few weeks. Brussels is my bit on the side, the place I go where I need a change or difference or something I can't get at home. Seattle could be my LDR, the one I see very rarely but cherish every moment with.

I mean... vegetarian options in every single restaurant you care to name. Vegan in many - on the actual menu, none of that having to ask for something to be made without cheese! Soy milk in every single coffee shop and rice milk in lots. Vegan pizza with real cheese! Vegan donuts! Woah. And that's just the food. The people are fantastic - loads of unusual people, piercings and spiky hair all over the shop, the kind of queer tolerance where sexuality is unremarkable... Some really unusual shops. The public transport is fantastic (for America). There are so many trees you wonder if it's a city or a forest! I just don't know what else I could ever want.

Oh yeah, it's kinda difficult to get dairy-free chocolate. And Starbucks employees get confused with orders for hot chocolate and end up sticking espresso in anyway (blech!). And most of my friends and loved ones are several thousand miles away.

Still, an LDR. I think that works.

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