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I am sick of bleeding!

A few months ago I came off some tablets that had stopped my periods altogether. I wasn't terribly bothered about this because it was a known side-effect, and actually it was rather cool - the tablets affected my hormone levels and made it practically impossible for me to have become pregnant. I had to come off those tablets because they were only meant as a temporary measure to help with extreme anxiety that I was suffering - the long-term side-effects are nasty. So my periods have returned. In an interesting way.

First, I had a heavy period. Then, I had another one 2 weeks later. Then I had another one 10 days after that. Now, my body's settled down to a sort of low-grade bleeding. Continually, for the past 3 weeks.

This is driving me nuts! I want to go back to proper periods that last 4 or 5 days and come once a month, not this horrid permanent thing.

I talked to the doctor about it and there's nothing actually wrong, just my body readjusting its hormone levels. But it's a pain.

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