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nous pensons que c'est bon de dormir après midi

At the moment I am capable of talking about houses and freezepop, and not much else. This is unfortunate for my students, who want me to be teaching them science. Today at least I got to blether about the fact the gas engineer had come to make sure we weren't going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning, because it was actually relevant to what I was supposed to be teaching.

The reason I have house on the brain is that I have one. It's all mine! (well, mine & the boy's & the bank's. Actually, mostly the bank's). It needs work doing, not much by comparison with other places, but some vile hues of greenishblue need to be removed and the decking at the back needs wrecking and everything needs cleaning - even though it looks clean, there's dust up my nose the whole time I'm there, which is most of the time now. I am eternally grateful to Crown Paints for inventing the Breatheasy range, which means I can actually do most of the work myself without dying in the process. I am not grateful to all the DIY shops who sell protective clothing only in mens' sizes. Oh yeah, I could get women's gloves for "light" work with pink and purple flowers on. I don't want gloves with flowers on, I want ones that actually protect me!! Also, dust masks without natural rubber components seem to be nonexistent, which is part of the entire mammoth post about Shopping With Allergies that I've been meaning to write for several months now.

I don't like "home" being somewhere other than where my stuff is. We need to move.

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