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A Rare Attack of The Gollums.

Hello. It's my birthday, precioussss.

Doesn't feel like my birthday because I haven't had any presents yet, only some cards - which have been arriving in dribs and drabs over the past week rather than all at once today (I hate Monday birthdays!). Probably won't get much in the way of presents until we've finished moving and DIYing and actually have time to see people. Ah well :) More importantly, one of these days I will actually get round to re-finding and sending all the things I've bought for various people (including stuff I brought back from the US and haven't sent on yet).

As people have asked, my amazon wishlist is up to date in the sense that I have removed from it everything that people have already bought me - but I haven't added anything new. The wishlist on my website hasn't been touched in ages and desperately needs updating, but requires slightly more effort to edit than the amazon one (which is the problem, really). As well as the books on my amazon list there are a fair number of games I want, but I'm trying not to buy any more console adventure games until I've finished the 5 that are sitting around half-finished. I remain not actually whoring for presents on the basis I'm not going to give you a link to my amazon wishlist, because if you don't know enough about me to find it you don't know me well enough to be sending a present to me.

Having received several cards with the wrong postcode, I notice I typoed my address. That's the problem with moving further down the same road you already live in - 2/3 of it is the same so you type it automatically from memory and forget some of it has changed :) Please notice the corrected version and fix it in any offline address books you have.

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