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griffen fixed my carriage return problem. Hooray.

Still randomly ill with the cold or allergy attack that I've had since Friday. Still not sure whether it is a cold or an allergy attack.

Went to the allergy exhibition on Sunday and it was almost a complete waste of my time and effort. Am thoroughly pissed off with the number of people whose products only cater for selected allergies. Yes, I know it's impossible to cater for all allergies at once (for instance, making things dairy-free can involve soya, which some people are allergic to, and making things wheat-free can involve corn, ditto), but my particular beef is with the company who make nut-free wheat-free gluten-free cakes with a combination of non-dairy vegetable margarine and butter. Why does the damn butter need to be in there? Why couldn't they have left it just with the vegetable margarine?? Bastards. I mean, I personally don't need things to be nut-free or gluten-free, but enough people exist who have to avoid both gluten and dairy, and it seems unfair to restrict their food choices further.

I am also entirely pissed off to discover that Swedish Glace have stopped making the dairy-free Mini Milkalikes that I raved about last year. They have started doing Cornettoalikes instead, but this does not seem an adequate replacement. I hate summer and its pollen and its emphasis on the wonders of chilled or frozen dairy products.

The one redeeming feature of the show was a really good seminar about creating a low-allergen garden, in which I took copious notes, which might get typed up when I get round to it (as I know several people who would be interested). Listening to it I managed to identify some of my vaguer allergies, which is probably useful for something.

Other things that have annoyed me recently include HP3, which I saw on Saturday.

< rant >
Things that annoyed me with HP3:
1. The lack of credits for certain beardy people of my acquaintance (OK, I have probably moaned about this enough already).
2. Random rearrangements of plot, e.g. Harry receiving the Firebolt at the end of the year instead of at Christmas (what exactly did he ride on in Quidditch for the remaining 3 matches?) - but at least that sort of change is fairly commonplace in films.
3. The director adding stuff that isn't in the book - particularly new dialogue, which was much weaker (imo) than the original.
4. I think there could have been better ways to make Hermione randomly appear and disappear as she uses the Time Turner to get to extra lessons than to have Ron go "Where did she come from?" every couple of minutes. Clearly, the director had no faith at all in his CGI companies, and needed to include a pointer for the hard of thinking. How nice.
5. Some of the CGI was utterly awful, but this is a common complaint of mine in HP films. I notice they only had one Hippogriff for the whole class, not enough for everyone! Maybe it would have taken too long... However, this is no excuse for the fact that when Harry was riding Buckbeak, the background didn't even move! (I was pleased to be informed by Richard afterwards that all the stuff I hated was done by other companies, and the CGI by his company included bits I hadn't even noticed because they looked so real.
6. Probably my second biggest complaint is with things being made painfully obvious that shouldn't have needed to be (like Hermione's disappearances) and things not being made at all obvious that should've been! Cornelius Fudge, in the Leaky Cauldron... that's a common place to find the Minister for Magic, is it? (Harry doesn't seem at all surprised or concerned to be met by him there).
7. Is it made obvious that Lupin doesn't let Harry tackle the boggart? Is it hell. So when he asks Lupin later why he didn't let him tackle the Dementor, it comes as news.
8. But then the director allows the boggart to really obviously turn into the full moon when Lupin tackles it - not a random glowing orb as in the book. Another unnecessary clue for the painfully stupid.
9. Professor Snape in the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom? Er... I thought that was just a Potions class. It would have taken an extra few seconds for him to have explained as he does in the book that Lupin is absent through illness and he is taking the class, and for him to have very obviously and deliberately flicked right through the textbook to the end, to material that the class couldn't possibly have covered. But he doesn't. Thus several later plot points come as a surprise.
10. The new Dumbledore was spot-on in looks, but was badly let down by the dialogue. The addition to his speech at the beginning was nothing short of cringe-worthy.
11. And what exactly was that choir doing in the Great Hall at the start of term, apart from singing in such a slurred way that my friends couldn't make out any of the words of their song?
12. Continuity was a joke - did anyone else notice that when Harry asks Lupin for anti-Dementor lessons, it's springtime - yet the scene immediately prior was in November and the scene immediately following is in December? Hmmm...
13. Why is a school student walking alone in the woods with a teacher, anyway? Especially in this day and age...
14. What was all that about underage wizards not being allowed in the pub in Hogsmeade? To please the anti-underage drinking lobby? Fine... so, why can they can go in the one in Diagon Alley?
15. At no point is it explained who Moony, Padfoot, Wormtail and Prongs are, even though their names appear several times in conjunction with the Marauders' Map. As a result, it's not clear why Harry thought he saw his dad appear across the lake and cast the Patronus (the Patronus doesn't even look like a stag!).
16. Oh God - and what did Lupin transform into under the full moon? Gollum? Unless some people from a Protection of Wolves society asked for the werewolf to not look like a wolf, I have no idea what that hairless spider-monkey was doing there.
17. The very worst part of all was the last 20 minutes, which was (imo) unbearably tedious - yet that is supposed to be the tensest part, as Harry & Hermione watch themselves going through the previous 3 hours and try to fix things without being seen. Joy.
18. At the end of the book, when Harry and Hermione return from saving Sirius and Buckbeak, Dumbledore sees them return and knows they have succeeded. At the end of the film, he had no idea that they'd even gone, and his confusion was made into a comic moment. He is supposed to be the greatest wizard alive, not a buffoon!

OK, that's all the major ones. There were others, but I can't be bothered to waste any more time writing them down. All in all, I thought the film was barely redeemed by Snape or Draco. I certainly won't bother to watch it again (I don't really need another 2 hours of my blood boiling!). I'd be interested to know what other fans of the books (and fan fics) thought of it - particularly the real pedants and purists :)

All in all I am a mess of froth and seething, and sneezing. Hrm.

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