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fridge poetry (some of it obscene)

Now that our wireless network is working (thanks to hatter, and no thanks to Richard who set it up then buggered off to France, I can post a report of the strangeness on our fridge. We have, btw, Thinkgeek "geek" and "sci fi" magnetic poetry, hence the "interesting" vocabulary.

untitled, by meeping:
her enormous compiler must go squish
as it has no backbone and a delicate controller
but she can sleep as she is a hacker woman
conjure ing random cracker code and elaborate warez
her mission vaporize ing luser lifeform s in cyberspace
who contaminate telnet with dangling hairy monkey finger s

wuzzie gets his own back on the people who think sysadmins aren't important:
delete faulty user
kill him with a regexp
root nuke s the lamer

a communal effort at sub-freezepop lyrics, which I can't help trying to sing to the tune of "Lucretia" by the SOM:
we are programming an echo
see zero mass guru drive by
you want banish crash spray
swim in meteorite core

my random obscenity:
the humanoid robo- elephant
heave s under
his immense rubbery pole
bytes hard
& spray s freely in gel

and Peter's attempts are somewhat random and free-form, and make your brain start to leak out of your ears:
we swap lucious mash
for yellow inode sausage
as he tweak ed the
gorgeous smooth elvish legs
but an advanced hovercraft
always compile s tiny
hung organic nano geek
then crack ed a fluid tera egg
but he smear s raw zombie
dream gobble in her sweat y behind
after grotesque compress ed
fudge dump overflow ing uranus

#2, dedicated to kimble and barakta,
I munch greasy death meat of reptile
to worship caffeine & linux
and foo ed in free
unstable blow apparatus
through canonical singularity
at stable oxygen spawn ing
toxic boil ing android network
simulator and I think of smooth
alien pilot sausage like delicate
metallic smell y green mold
as six egg s freely communicate
debug control structure s

I still have to wonder why geek fridge poetry needs to have the word "sausage" in it twice, and if anyone has written a poem with the word "uranus" that wasn't rude.

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