helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

baaaaaaby animals, and credits in films

The Community That Should Not Be: baaaaabyanimals. So Cute It Hurts.

Apparently today is System Administrator Appreciation Day. In honour of the occasion, I can report that it is rumoured Richard actually has a credit in King Arthur - at least, the people who went to see the preview thought he did. As he doesn't appear on the list on IMDB we might actually have to go and pay to see the film to find out for certain :) For some reason, the various sysadmins at Cinesite are labelled as "Production support". Hmmm. Well, anyone who goes to see the film can look under that title, and if you see anyone with the unlikely surname of Garnish, that's wuzzie. And you can stand up in the cinema and say you know him :)

Richard is now hopping about waiting for me to stop typing so we can Find Food. Hrumph. That's my job. Being the hungry one in this household, I mean.

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