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*dies laughing*

Apparently in this month's "New Woman" magazine, there is an article about how to dress to pull a millionaire, with the views of four millionaires - a city banker, a random posh bloke, "rap star" Harvey from So Solid Crew, and "Rock God" Chris McCormack! (Not that I would read New Woman unless I was sitting around bloody bored at the doctor's surgery - I heard it on the internet, so it must be true). As Richard said "Millionaire? I doubt he's even a thousandaire."

Oh God, I just saw a scan of the article - rotfl! The pretentious Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen-style twaddle attributed to him is really quite amusing. Also, the photo confirms my suspicion that Mr McCormack is looking bloody rough these days. Although not as rough as his brother, the (allegedly ex) heroin addict.

God, I'm bitchy about my "favourite" "rock stars"! (unless they are freezepop, who are immune from criticism by virtue of being too damn cute).

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