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links of last week^H^H^H^H month

Meeeep - disturbing flash animation of the month: Friendly Pancake. Click on Cartoons. The first two are just introducing the characters, the third one (Butter Hat) contains actual plot. Stolen from epi_lj.

Seen in my random trawls through fansub groups for Pokemon anime: Learning Japanese is about COOL. Well, duh.

Then, the links to other people's livejournals from several weeks ago that I suspected wouldn't get posted for a while. I was right.

How rosefox uses lj. I mostly agree but wish I didn't! Part of me would really like the ability to write clear, concise, eloquent essay-style journal entries and get billions of readers. But I find it quite difficult to write anything other than random chatty posts, so it would necessitate having two journals, and I already have a second supposedly-coherent journal that never gets updated... hmm. Oh well. On a related theme, how elynne uses livejournal interests - this is pretty much what I do, too.

Other people's random entries can be MY LIFE too.

the_siobhan's amazing true-life stories (note one of the stories in "10 stories in 3 sentances or less (part 2)" is unsuitable for people with squicks about eyes).

adjectivemarcus's helpdesk hell of last week some weeks ago. May amuse and/or frustrate pedants.

Call for submissions for a proposed anthology by, for, and about women with chronic illness(es).

Some complete stranger's apparently true-life story about facing a dissertation committee without any trousers on (makes my viva sound like fun, really!).

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