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No one else I know is allowed to commit suicide, okay?

I don't really need comforting, because I was a vague acquaintance rather than a close friend, but, hell... You know how there are people you never bother getting to know well because you just assume they'll be around forever, and then suddenly they're not? And I remember him telling me about his battle to get an antidepressant that worked at alt.polycon in February 2002, and I didn't have much time to listen because I was stressed out.

Shit. Just shit.

And the person I know who wrote recently that they think they don't have any friends, just people who tolerate them - see all the people who wrote about him that he was loved but he couldn't see it. People who wanted to be his friend and try to help, but who couldn't say the right thing.

I was going to post a couple of silly links, but now is not the time.

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