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more hay fever and hyperventilation

Simultaneously depressed and perky, again. Depressed mostly because of physical body stuff - still feeling crap and hurty - even more so as another day's gone on. Am now clumsy as well as dizzy, which means that my plans to do house painting tonight have to go out the window for reasons of personal safety. Have found herbal tablets that seem to deal with the hay fever pretty well, but they are a) utterly full of lactose, b) feature the legend "Not suitable for persons with milk-related allergies", and c) turn my stomach inside out, as could be predicted from a) & b). Apparently the same formulation is also available in a nose spray which doesn't contain lactose (strangely enough!), but I am somewhat fearful of possible nasal lining damage by an unknown spray. I need to look at Medscape & so on to find out what in the Beconase was the issue for long-term users who got problems. It might just be the steroid doing badness to blood vessels in the nose, in which case a nose spray without steroid would be just fine. Then again, it could just be that spraying large amounts of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide up your nose is not a good idea. Hmm.

Another thing that doesn't help me feel good is that when the carbon dioxide level of my blood is off, I really need to avoid talking to people, because talking is one of the main ways I hyperventilate. It's very hard to remember to breathe slowly and using my diaphragm when I'm in a hurry to get things out, let alone when I'm excited and breathless. Laughing also bad, even eating, especially eating combined with talking. If my wrists didn't hurt I could chatter away to people on irc, but getting tight tendons in my wrists and heels is one of the first signs that things are wrong. I would *sigh* dramatically, except sighing and yawning are both also very bad for rapidly decreasing carbon dioxide levels.

I wish I could get bottles of carbon dioxide enriched air to breathe when I'm feeling fucked. I suppose I could just snuggle up close to someone and breathe their exhaled air, but that's somewhat impractical for more than a few minutes. If I wasn't hideously allergic to smoke machine smoke, that would do as the "smoke" is mainly carbon dioxide. Unfortunately it has some added stuff (I don't know what) that makes me violently ill.

Just glad I'm not going to BiCon. Feeling like this there would be a Very Bad Thing.

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