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Tired, tired, tired.

Yesterday was a bit of a non-event. I had terrible insomnia on Sunday night and didn't actually get to sleep until something like 8am on Monday morning. I was supposed to have been going out to meet some journalists at 1pm, but I slept right through it. I eventually woke up at around 10.30pm when Richard got in from work - and I was still tired!

So he got me some takeaway curry and I ate it, and did a little bit of stuff online, then collapsed back into bed about 2.30am. I dozed on and off until 11am today, when I had a nightmare bad enough to wake me up shaking. I felt lousy. But I didn't have any choice about going out because I'd said I'd meet the journalists, so I had to get up and get dressed and on a train up to Camden. The journalists turned out to be non-dodgy, and I'm doing a proper interview with them next week. Should be interesting to see how that turns out.

I wandered around Camden for a bit, and bought a book and some magazines from Prowler in Camden because it said it welcomed women (unlike the Prowler in Soho where they give you a funny look if you try to go in when you're obviously female). I had a quick look in Silver Moon on Charing Cross Road, then met Lizz in a Starbucks on Kingsway. We went to Waterloo together, and I got back home about 7.30pm.

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