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Official. The coolest geeky link of the week.

What if South London had a decent Tube network and it was north of the river which was neglected? Link to thekumquat's journal and comments, including several from me.

I fully expect this to make no sense to people who aren't very familiar with London's geography. In a one sentence summary, the current London Underground involves lots of places that aren't in London and lots of train line that isn't underground. It is also very heavily biased towards places north of the River Thames, whereas those of us south of the river have to make do with "main line" trains - which are significantly less reliable. (And bearing in mind how reliable the Tube is, that's saying something.) Damn, that was a three sentence summary. Oh well. I could geek about London Transport for hours - my only limiting factor is lack of time. *hugs shelf of excessively Tube-spottery books*

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