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I would just like to say that the single best thing about wireless networking is the ability to take the laptop into the kitchen while I'm cooking. Because now I can have my recipes open on the screen, new recipes in a word processor ready to be changed as I discover problems/improvements, a web browser open in the background for research, and any number of amusement windows for the odd quiet minute. So I can sit here and keep my beans stirred as they boil for 10 minutes to denature toxins and look up recipes for vegan banoffee pie at the same time. And I have a sugar thermometer, so I might just try the banoffee pie when my beans & rice are all done.

The second best thing about wireless networking is the ability to spod from bed, but I could do that pretty well with a mega-long network cable. Laptop in the kitchen really is the pinnacle of modern geekdom :) Of course, the technological advance I'd prefer would be not having to make burritos from scratch when I have a craving for them, because I could just hop in my teleporter and go to the place in Seattle. But we can't have everything.

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