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h-l 1: entropy 1

I have been doing battle with entropy. Before you start getting all Second Law of Thermodynamics on me (that's a phenomenally cool geeky link, btw) it's important to work out whether or not our house is a closed system, and how much help entropy gets from absent-minded wuzzies who take things they need to other parts of the house and then forget where they put them. All in all, I think a score of h-l 1: entropy 1 is pretty good - and we're going for best out of 3.

I don't like plumbers. Before you accuse me of unfairly maligning an entire class of hard-working if expensive tradesmen, I should correct that to "I don't like situations that require us to call out plumbers at 8.30 on a Saturday night". Ye-es. Chalk up another point of utter crapness to our house survey and stuff it missed. I think we can't be arsed to try to sue the surveyor (frankly, we have enough complication in our lives without adding more), but I'm certainly going to tell our financial adviser how crap the survey was - and if a large IFA company decide to take their business elsewhere, that could be a major incentive for the surveyors to improve. Maybe. Apparently we might be able to claim for the remedial work that needs to be done on our buildings insurance, but the problem with that is the extent to which a £400ish claim will whack up our premiums next year. Advice not really needed, but I'm sure people will contribute some anyway :)

One of these days we might actually be able to have the house-warming party that we were going to have in June. Argh!
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