helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

chocolate buttons & pasta shapes

I have chocolate buttons again. First chocolate buttons in 3 years (although I've been buying Montezuma's drinking chocolate all this time, the last time I tried their dark buttons was soon after I stopped being able to eat milk chocolate and my tastebuds hadn't adapted yet). I am soooo happy.

I am also having trouble stopping eating them.

So... yet another poll. Yes, I know I'm utterly overusing polls at the moment, but there's a reason I have a Permanent Account :p

Poll #357786 Does the same food in different shapes taste different to you?


Absolutely! Spaghetti and penne and macaroni and pasta bows are all very different in taste.
Ye-es, but I think it's just a texture thing & they taste exactly the same.
Yes, but I think it's just because different shapes absorb the sauces differently.
What are you on? Pasta is pasta is pasta!


Oh God yes - chocolate bars and buttons and Flake are all completely different, even when they're made of the same basic chocolate.
Yes, but again I think it's texture and the way different-shaped chocolate melts in your mouth.
The only difference I notice is melted vs non-melted - the shape of the chocolate is irrelevant.
Que? Chocolate is chocolate!

Why are 90% of my public posts about food?! I suppose it beats having 90% of my posts about depression or stress or angst, but nonetheless...

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