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Pokémon obsession depression.

To cut a very long story short:
* I spent more than 10 hours of my copious free time (!) writing a detailed faq on a specific part of the gameplay because I thought there wasn't one.
* I have submitted it to GameFAQs, and they have refused it because they've said it's a duplication of existing material on the site. It isn't. I'm not exaggerating when I say I've gone through every one of the other FAQs for Fire Red & Leaf Green to check that mine is unique.
* Then just to depress me even further, when I tried to submit it to the Pokémon-specific site that I'd got most of my information from, they told me that a part of their site I honestly hadn't seen before already has like 90% of my faq :/
* So the whole thing was a waste of my time and effort. And my wrists hurt for nothing.
* Argh.

Also, are any of my Minneapolis or Seattle-based friends insane enough to stand in a queue for 6+ hours for me one Saturday in October? I sincerely doubt it, but you never know.

For the 2004 edition of the Pokémon Rocks America tour NOA will be giving away Aurora Tickets to anyone who shows up with a FireRed or LeafGreen cartridge. As many already know, the Aurora Ticket is the key to accessing the secret island where Deoxys lays in wait.

You'll be able to receive the tickets at all three locations, each taking place one week after the other. Location information is as follows:

Pokémon Rocks Atlanta
Saturday, October 9th
10 am - 4 pm
Lenox Square
Outdoor Parking Lot
Corner of Peachtree and Lenox Roads

Pokémon Rocks Minneapolis
Saturday, October 16th
10 am - 4 pm
Mall of America
North Parking Lot
Corner of 24th Avenue and Lindau Lane

Pokemon Rocks Seattle
Saturday, October 23rd
10 am - 4 pm
Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
Mercer Street near 3rd Avenue N

I even know where that is. Argh.

The question is, exactly how much would I have to pay someone to (a) get up hideously early on a Saturday morning and (b) stand in a queue for hours on end surrounded by screaming kids? And would I have to send them my GBA as well as my Leaf Green cartridge? And would eBay be cheaper?

Likelihood of a similar event coming to the UK? Huh. Somewhere around 0.01%? I mean, Europe doesn't even have a Pokemon Center...

Photo of excessively cute Pikachu plushie probably isn't the best picture to use for a pissed-off h-l, but I don't have another one. I'll have to find one of the ugliest Pokemon imaginable and use that instead.

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