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I thought I'd better make a note of all of the events I've said I'll be at so that I can figure out what I'm doing with myself over the next few weeks:

* Sat 21st July - Karaoke party in Islington.

* Wed 25th July - Melisma gig at Gossips. I haven't actually managed to make any of the gigs they've done in all the time I've known Anne and James, so I shall be trying extra hard to get to this one.

* Fri 27th July - London Bi social. Somewhere near London Bridge.

* Sun 29th July - lesbian short films at the Dalston Rio, if I can get tickets.

* Wed 1st August - Final Fantasy film at the NFT with Tim and Peter.

* Thurs 2nd August - Me, You, Them - the new Brazilian poly film, again at the NFT.

* Fri 3rd August - there's a poly meet in Cambridge, if I can be bothered to go (not sure if I'll be able to afford it after travelling into London 2 days running).

* Sat 4th August - Bournemouth Pride, again if I can be bothered to go. I'm tempted on the basis it's the first ever Pride in Bournemouth, but it's a long way and the train's not cheap.

* Sat 11th August - Brighton Pride, which I'm definitely going to.

* Wed 15th August - my mum's birthday.

* Thurs 16th August - Tribute to Douglas Adams at the NFT.

* Fri 17th August - uk-poly meal, somewhere in London.

* August Bank Holiday weekend - BiCon, if I can afford it.

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