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news at ten

I have been feeling lethargic for a couple of weeks now. Not badly depressed - I feel mostly happy and mostly enjoying my work, but I have very little energy to do anything in the evenings or be communicative with people. (Normally as one of the only extroverts in my circle of friends it's always me that does all the phoning and organising, and it feels weird not to have the energy to do it.)

I just realised. It's resolutely winter, and I have SAD. It's been grey and pissing it down all week - I don't think I've even seen the sun since Saturday.

Duh! No wonder I have to lie in front of the lightbox for almost an hour before I can actually face moving in the morning!

Next newsflash: h-l discovers that the house is warmer when she remembers to put the heating on.

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