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I am in pain. Not a very long story, basically my own fault. Someone remind me in future that skipping meals is very incompatible with my IBS.

I need to sleep, but can't with bad gut pain. And taking painkillers on top of an already upset digestive system just isn't a good idea. And I have to teach A-level chemistry at 10.30am, which isn't a time of day my brain functions on a good day.

Moan moan bloody whinge whinge whinge.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is our hosue warming party. We went out today and bought £70 worth of food, so I hope some people are going to come and eat it. (Actually, most of it will keep, but that's not the point). We do have some MEAT! for those that eat it, and salad & stuff, as well as 7 or 8 types of carbohydrate product, chocolate & ice cream. All the food is dairyfree (including the MEAT!, I think, and even including all the crisps and dips - we checked in great detail) and I want to keep it that way because I don't want to be having to check bloody food labels at my own bloody party (although I don't much care about the dairyfree-ness of meat products because I don't eat them anyway). I cleaned the waffle maker and bought banananas, so waffles will come into existence at some point tomorrow if this makes any difference to anyone.

God... now just to get rid of this pain so I can sleep...

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