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email sent.

I met someone at a party in February. We really seemed to hit it off. Unfortunately, we were going back to different countries after the party was over - but we left with each other's email addresses.

We exchanged a few emails. Then I reacted badly to something she said. She got back in contact a few weeks later to clarify things, and I thought about writing back, but didn't. As I did want to let her know how I was feeling, I specifically set aside the weekend of 12th May to write, but events caught up with me and I had other things to do.

I tried to write again on May 22nd, but my heart wasn't in it. And since then I have procrastinated my way through another couple of months, talking about her in LiveJournal but not actually getting in touch with her.

Well, I finally sent that email.

Now I have to wait for a response.

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