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Am in a growly growly spiky mood at the moment, so I thought I'd write about it in an attempt to calm down.

Egg. They must die. Bastard spammers that they are. When the Egg card launched it was a internet-based credit card that was cheap to run because they didn't send you paper bills, it offered 0% credit on balance transfers for the first 6 months, and a pretty low APR even after that. So they were generally non-evil for the first couple of years. At some point they realised they weren't getting much new business because everyone who used the internet already had an Egg card and their rates were too cheap for them to make enough money. So they started sending out paper spam. In large quantities. Initially just to their existing account holders ("as a valued customer of Egg, we'd like to offer you a low-cost loan / insurance / loan insurance ..."), then to everyone and anyone.

At the moment, we are getting 3-4 letters a week from Egg addressed to one former occupier of our house alone - plus another 1-5 addressed to random other occupiers at less frequent intervals. I am quite thoroughly pissed off. They pay no attention to the fact I'm returning everything straight back to them, and just continue to send more. Hence the most recent bunch of Egg spam is being returned with the phrases "PLEASE take this address off your mailing list, we get 3 letters a week from you and we're sick of it", "Why don't you just change your company name to Spam, it's what you do?" and "STOP SENDING US THIS CRAP" written on it as well as the usual "Moved away 10 months ago, Return to sender" stuff. Hopefully they'll get the hint. Yeah, right.

Does sending someone 3 junk mail letters a week make them more likely to use a business? Honestly? Is there anyone who wouldn't find that completely harassing? Egg have pretty much guaranteed that they will never get any of my business, because I don't support spammers on principle. Email spam, paper spam, telephone spam - it's all spam in my book.

Well, they officially have 3 months and 3 weeks before they have to stop sending us spam, by law. Here's how.

Not that I think the MPS really has that much power, but we can hope.

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