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further teeth

Other sources of pissed-off-ness in my life:

T-Mobile, who are bastard spammers of a different order. This is a more complicated issue that would require friends-only-ness to go into. But believe me, it's annoying.

Twonkyvision, a.k.a. the linux server for the Netgear MP3 player-that-plugs-into-a-proper-stereo thing that Richard bought. It is complete and utter pants. Bastard thing crashes at least every 6 songs, if not more often. It also removes a lot of the bass from tracks, which isn't so bad with perky synthpop but is bloody annoying with punk or METAL!! We know it is the software at fault not the hardware, because Richard installed the corresponding Windows server under WINE, and it played the MP3s flawlessly, complete with bass, and didn't actually crash.

We can't run the player using the Windows server, though, because a) Windows is evil and more importantly, b) we have a network and it can't cope with files that are on non-local drives.

I would just like to be able to hear more than half a song at a time! Argh!!

And I hate being in a bad mood because there are many things in my life that are not crap, such as we have a wonderful house which is amazingly more tidy than before the party?!, and we had a great party last night with extremely cute and sexy people, and the house is still full of interesting people and things. But I'm all full of growl and teeth and I need to get it out.

Apparently I have to stop ranting now because Richard wants to eat dinner and I'm stopping him doing that :)

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