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When you see this entry, post a poem you like, etc etc (assuming you weren't one of the people whose poem inspired me to post this).

This is a poem I found in a book when I was a child. Not sure I've got the wording 100% correct, but I have no idea what book it was from. I also have no idea who the author is, because Google doesn't seem to have heard of it (!). Does anyone know?

I was sitting in the sitting room
Toying with some toys
When from a door marked "Gruesome"
There came a gruesome noise

Went to the door and opened it
and there to my surprise
There sat a little grue
with tears in its eyes

"Oh little grue", I said to him
"Tell me what ails thee so?"
"It's my height", sobbed the little grue
"I really want to grow!"

"Exercises are the answer
Every day you must do some"
He smiled and thanked me, and do you know what?
The very next day he grew some!

The other poem I know off by heart is the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan, but Google has heard of that :)

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