helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

enough of the Douglas Adams tributes already

I'm starting to feel very depressed by all the Douglas Adams tributes I'm seeing. Unfortunately, as every community I'm involved with is a community of geeks, his death has affected a lot of people.

I'm not trying to negate other people's grief, but I feel that no matter how important someone was as a cultural icon and inspiration, it's not the same as having someone you know and care about personally die. Richard and I are both hurting about his mum and having people grieve at us about someone they _didn't_ know personally makes us feel... ignored (It's not the right word for it, but I can't think of a better one at the moment). The worst thing is you can't even get away with ignoring newspapers and web news - people have in their sig files "RIP - 11th May 2001". Right now, I really don't need to see that constant reminder of last Friday being someone's death date.

Updated: Wednesday, June 27th 2001, 6.16am
Apparently Richard's mum actually died at about 1am on 12th May. We hadn't realised that. Not good for his poor dad, who had to wait until a "sensible time of day" before ringing us. Ironically, we were of course still awake at that time.

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