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I am using a public terminal in the Brussels Natural Science Museum. The keyboard is the most perverse thing I´ve ever seen. It´s not just an AZERTY keyboard - no, I could probably adjust to that quite easily (after typing my first billion qs). Nope - it has the M and ? keys swapped round, the punctuation all in the wrong place, the numbers and punctuation the wrong way round (so you have to press shift for numbers?!), and weirdest of all, . and ; the wrong way round - so you have to press shift to _get a full stop_. What this says about the relative abundance of full stops to semi-colons in French, I dread to think.

Suffice to say, this is going to be a very short entry - having to correct just about every word is driving me nuts. Let´s just give you a roll-call of the past 24 hours:

Disturbing things seen:
* savoury waffles - ok, the cheese and ham ones weren´t very disturbing, but the curry ones, made of normal waffle batter flavoured with curry powder? ewww
* a gay bar called l´Homo Erectus
* a giant inflatable Hello Kitty _Mermaid_ (only 18 euros (yes, this bizarre keyboard has a $ and a £ but no euro symbol)

Cool things seen:
* can´t tell you, as they are mostly presents for people
* Quick (the hamburger chain) now does 3 vegetarian things and a vegan thing!!!

We are staying in the sleaziest hotel ever!

Have acquired Alpro Soya products and some dairy-free chocolate from just a normal small supermarket (like local equivalent of Tesco Express) - am v. impressed.

Bloke next to me is playing a game with very loud annoying music, so i think that´s my cue to go look at rocks...

UPDATE: the rocks are organised according to the elements in them and there is a BORON cabinet!!

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