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I have not been reading LJ for the past two weeks. The reason for this is that my S1 lj style was broken so I couldn't actually read anything. Also, I was suffering from a complete lack of arsedness to write my S2 style.

Anyway. Here is a horribly kludged S2 style which still doesn't do everything I considered essential, let alone a lot of the niceties - but is at least readable. Hrm. If anyone who knows anything about S2 knows how to fix any of those essential issues, please let me know (I'll email you a copy of the code to play with...).

In other news, I have Yet Another cold that's bad enough for me to have had to cancel work because I wasn't physically well enough to leave the house, let alone speak for an hour. I think I'll have to arrange for a flu jab, and hope it doesn't make me hideously ill the way vaccinations usually seem to :/

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