helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

*blows dust off lj*

OK, I think it is officially now safe for me to post things to lj and for them not to turn into a mess of HTML. Unfortunately, I've now forgotten everything I was going to post about.

Despite being a former addict I haven't played the PC Sims "properly" for years. Superstar didn't really appeal to me and I barely played it at all, then despite buying Makin' Magic by accident the day of release (I didn't know anything about its release, but just happened to be in a games shop that day) and being terribly terribly excited about (among other things) the rollercoasters, I haven't even installed it. And all because I don't dare get back into it the way I used to play (when I was depressed and nonfunctional in the real world so spent all my time in the virtual one). When I say I was addicted, I mean that literally - and it's very difficult for e.g. an alcoholic to have "just one glass of wine" and enjoy it.

Anyway. I tried the first Sims console game (on the PS2) and absolutely hated it - I found the control system almost unusable, to say nothing of my usual 3D-on-the-tv perception problems. I also hated the goals - "get 10 promotions in your chosen career", "get married", "start a family" - they were just too consumerist and shallow. So I avoided the second Sims console game (Bustin' Out) for a while, despite being interested in the whole Game Boy Advance linkup facility. But the other day, I was in a games shop with £40 in my pocket for frivolous purchases (I mean, I had deliberately gone out with £40 intending to spend it on something fun) and they had the GameCube version for £17 - which meant that even after buying the Sims: Bustin' Out AND a new 251 slot memory card to store it on AND The Book, I still only spent £2 over my £40 limit.

Although I don't really want to get into a huuuuge ramble about this now, a lot has been improved between the first and second console game. For a start, the new goals are mostly silly little things, like "make 1 friend" and "get 1 point of cooking (skill)", which are actually necessary for later enjoyment of the game (and not setting fire to the kitchen). The control system for building houses is still a Right Royal Pain In The Arse, but the control system for the actual game is much more intuitive and matches the standard GameCube UI. Also, it no longer bugs me not to be able to see my sims' motive bars all the time.

All this was just a long-winded way of saying I have a song on the brain from the Sims: Bustin' Out and it's driving me nuts! It's one of the songs that plays on the jukebox and it sounds a bit like Supertramp. It has a synth line that I cannot get out of my head, but the words are in Simlish - which means it's damn near impossible for me to sing along. Argh.

Oh yeah, I've even found a way to control my addiction to the GameCube Sims. It's the same technique that I use for Animal Crossing - hide the memory card! This works so much better than hiding the disc - because if I hide the disc it makes me all resentful because I Want To Play The Game, but if I hide the memory card I can still play the game but I can't save. And it's waaay too much hassle to start the game from scratch each time ;)


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