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weekend update.

My last journal entry was extremely whiny, so I decided to delete it and replace it with this one. I'm not sure for how long I can type because I've been having hand cramps on and off the past couple of days. I don't think it's anything serious, but I have been using a crappy old keyboard and mouse at a not-particularly-great height for a while. Bearing in mind for how many years I've been spending copious amounts of time talking online, I suppose it's pure luck that I haven't already developed RSI. I'll just have to make some amendments to the way I sit here (like getting a better keyboard). Don't GAS[1] on me - I can do a google search myself :)

I didn't make it to the Liquid Lounge on Friday, but this wasn't so much due to exhaustion as mothering. My mum decided to come round and unburden all of her problems on me. By the time I'd managed to get rid of her, it was 10pm and I didn't see much point trying to get to a bar. So I met Richard in town and we had dinner at Ed's on Old Compton Street. Then when I got in, I did much geeking with photo editors (hence the posts made that night).

I didn't sleep well on Friday night (well, actually Saturday morning). Earlier this week, I was sleeping really heavily for long periods of time, but the past couple of nights I've been sleeping extremely lightly. It feels as though I'm waking up every few minutes, so I'm getting lousy quality sleep. Ugh. As a result, I didn't really become conscious to do anything useful until about 6pm on Saturday, by which stage Richard was firmly in the bathroom. He spent something like 2 hours washing his hair (!), and then I had to have my bath as well, so it was pretty late by the time we got out. Anyway, after much trouble with Vodafone, we met Lars from alt.poly for a drink, and then went on to the karaoke stag/hen night party of Nick and Lizzy, organised by katyha. It was exceedingly good fun. adjectivemarcus was compere, and came up with the most ridiculously tenuous links between the different songs that people chose. It all finished about 1am, and unlike the previous night the Night Bus home wasn't horrendous - it only took 55 minutes, rather than an hour and a half. Got in and snuggled for a long time, then read for a bit, then went to sleep. And slept badly again.

I got up today about 5.30pm. Tim and Peter came round, and we watched the "South Park" and "Banzai" that I recorded from the telly on Friday night, and the film Cube. Very strange film, with slightly horrific violence in places, but overall I enjoyed it, and I thought the ending worked. I was very surprised to do an IMDB search and discover that they're making a sequel - I can't see how you could make a sequel to it. Ah well. Anyway, so they went home and Richard went to get coffee, and I watched "Will and Grace" from last Friday, logged on, discovered my hands hurt and went to snuggle Richard. We talked for about 2 1/2 hours about all sorts of things, particularly work, noting that (a) almost all of our friends hate their jobs and (b) I need money as soon as possible. I'm thinking that my attitude towards work is increasingly matching that of elynne, and wondering how I can reconcile[2] what I want to do with my life with getting enough money to live comfortably. Hmm.

[1] Geek Answer Syndrome, or GAS, is a tendency to offer advice or solutions, when the other person either doesn't have a problem, or has a problem but doesn't want advice right now. Used a lot on alt.polyamory.

[2] "Reconcile" is one of the only words that I use commonly that I have a total mental block on how to spell. I always have to look it up or ask someone. For some reason it usually comes out "reconsile" or "reconscile".

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