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I need to write the following Note To Self:

Dear h-l,

1. When you wake up in the middle of the night with period pain, do NOT roll onto your belly and try to get back to sleep. It rarely works. And when it is time for you to wake up, you will feel like crap because your body has been dealing with pain for several hours.
2. The acceptable solution is for you to take a painkiller before you go back to sleep. This means that, by the time you're supposed to get up, the painkiller should have worked and the pain will be at least bearable, so you will be able to function.
3. If you are having one of your strange "drugs are bad, I will manage without" moments, please spare a thought for the h-l of several hours in the future who will have to deal with these consequences, and at least take some raspberry leaf.

Thank you,
love, h-l.

*hugs* are acceptable, but only if accompanied by *thwap*s ;)

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