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4am incoherence re Xmas and
Browsing amazon to add stuff to my wishlist (no, not my amazon wishlist! My new shiny Things I Want wishlist, which doesn't tie you to buying at any particular store!), I found the following books. Anyone know anything about them?

Bisexual Women in the Twenty-first Century
Women and Bisexuality: A Global Perspective
Plural Loves: Designs for Bi and Poly Living
The Sex and Love Handbook: Polyamory! Bisexuality! Swingers! Spirituality! (& Even) Monogamy! a Practical Optimistic Relationship Guide

I am insanely tickled by the title of that last one. Especially the "(& Even) Monogamy!" bit. Yup, even if you're one of those strange perverts that does the monogamy thing, this book is for you.

Seen at Hot Topic: We Recruit t-shirt. Also seen at Hot Topic: far too many cool things to list (and most of them are going to end up as presents for people). btw, if anyone I'm likely to be buying a present for is unhappy with getting something from either Hot Topic and/or Montezuma's, do speak now or forever hold your peace ;) Have spent several hours browsing the site already tonight going "Argh.... must... buy... stuff...". I happen to absolutely adore buying presents for people, so the stuff I buy does not have to be all for me - in fact I actively like buying stuff for other people. I tend to have too much stuff anyway...

Slightly drunken poll: (no, I'm not actually drunk, it's just the effect not taking my pills for hours and then taking them all at once has on me)
Poll #387519 Drugzz

Why am I so bad at remembering to take my pills, even after I've noticed I haven't taken them yet?

Because I am crap
Wishful thinking (for a sudden miracle cure)
Because remembering to take pills would require remembering the noun "pills" for more than 2 seconds
Brain like a... what's that thing you drain rice in?
Some misguided belief that I can manage without (prescribed & properly managed) drugs
Some part of my brain sabotaging any attempt to get better
I'm too easily distracted ("Oooh! Clicky thing!")
I'm too obsessed with trivial things and insufficiently obsessed about important things
Oooh! Clicky thing!

Tomorrow I have to remember to go to Epsom. It is sufficiently far that I need to remember this, because it will be no use at all if I remember at 4.30 that I'm supposed to be in Epsom by 4.30 (as then I won't get there 'til 5.30). I hope if I post about it here I might actually remember in time...

OK, going to bed now.

Current Mood: hyper hyper

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From: judiff Date: 19th November 2004 12:27 (UTC) (Link)
are we answering for you or for ourselves? Like lately i keep taking my peak flow reading and than like thinking that counts for taking my steriod inhaler too. And we have to have 2 morning alarms to remeber it means to take our prozac as well as just to say it's morning.
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