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Random linkage

Two wildly differing sites about religion and science: Evolution disclaimer stickers (from kightp and epi_lj) and The Geek Guide to Kosher Machines (from er... a link in mactavish's lj, I think).

New Japanese fashion: skirts that are not transparent but look like they are?! Not worksafe, depending on your work. Not convinced that some of the skirts aren't transparent, especially the orange one - the girl's legs line up perfectly with the legs supposedly "painted" on the skirt.

Finally, adjectivemarcus's reply to the soft fluffy memes: 1. Leave me a comment, 2. I'll reply insulting you, 3. Repost this in your journal and we'll ignore it. Very funny. I wouldn't be very good at this, though. (After encountering The Most Obnoxious Drunk People EVAR!! on Friday night, I decided to give up swearing except in interesting and creative ways, but I couldn't think of any interesting ways. Yes, I know there are books & websites dedicated to Shakespearian, Latin, etc. insults. This doesn't help me remember them in a time of stress.)

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