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Sunday trading rant

Moan moan bloody moan moan.

It is time for the weekly cry of "Bloody Christians!". Not that I have anything against Christians really (and by some definitions am Christian myself), just that English law's stupid "compromise" on Sunday trading is ridiculous. Shops are allowed to open for 6 hours each Sunday, with the exception of Easter Day when they must remain shut, and Christmas Day if it falls on a Sunday. There may be an exception for shops in majority Jewish parts of the country, I'm not sure.

But it's just... annoying. Because I don't think shops being open on a Sunday stops people going to church, which was excuse number 1. And between unions and EU Law and the fact that many shops are actually vaguely ethical when it comes to treating their employees, fairly few(?) people are forced to work on Sundays if they don't want to, which was excuse number 2. Most shops have specific weekend workers (usually students) who work one or both of the weekend days, or people who are rostered to work Tuesday-Sunday or Thursday-Tuesday or something.

Anyway. We are out of milk (both types) and soya ice cream. Richard is out at a paintball tournament, and Tim & Peter (who usually come round on Sundays) are in Foreign Parts. I am feeling lonely and blah, but stupid Sunday trading law dictates that I have 45 minutes in which to get dressed, get out the house and get to a shop. Because stupid Sunday trading law applies to food shops as well. Convenience stores smaller than a certain size which can prove they provide a "valuable service to the community" are allowed to stay open later than the 6 hours, but what convenience store sells soy milk or soya ice cream? (Serious question, not rhetorical, as I believe I have been to almost every convenience store between here and central London looking at some point or another!).

Rant rant rant. Moan moan moan.

I haven't even got onto the reasons why I am feeling blah, but I think I've reached my quota of angst for the month and had better stop before my lj explodes ;)

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