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tonight's amusing quotes from irc...

* jdev just noticed that "PIV" can abbreviate both "penis-in-vagina" and "Pentium IV"
* astalice lol at jdev
anathema: If I had soda it would be on the monitor
astalice: so, which PIV do _you_ prefer? :)
jdev: The non-Intel kind, of course.
jdev: Someone on macslash wrote "...the 1.7 GHz PIV", and...
astalice: amusing :)
Nooks: !!
Nooks: PIV sex at 1.4 gigacycles per second!
Nooks: ow!
* BroAdam gringes
BroAdam: cringes, even
anathema: PIV sex.
anathema: not on the computer. the keyboard leaves unpleasant prints in the rear end

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