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feeling sick

Dear Body,

Can we stop feeling nauseous before 7pm tonight please? Thank you.

love h-l x

So, I have my period.

This explains the 101 strange symptoms I've been having recently, like:
headache-that-threatened-to-become-a-migraine on Tuesday
exhaustion and lethargy - Tuesday & Wednesday
reeeeeally upset stomach - past day & a half
inexplicable cravings for milkshakes (I figured I was short of calcium, but couldn't work out why as I'd been taking my normal amount of calcium supplement)
aches and pains, especially lower back - past couple of days
dizziness and almost fainting - yesterday
bad reaction to stress (wanting to curl up in a ball and cry, and instead just crying at the TV) - yesterday evening
violent nausea - today

I'd been getting worried that I might be having yet another IBS relapse (this time with no obvious trigger at all). Hadn't occurred to me it might just be my period. Well, actually, I asked Richard on Sunday if I was due a period this week and he did his usual glance at the moon to figure out it wouldn't be until next week. I foolishly believed that he knew what he was talking about.

Y'know, I think I HAVE to be glad that I no longer get premenstrual dysphoria every single month (there have to be advantages in not being paranoid, psychotic and suicidal for a couple of days each month, right?) - but it sure makes keeping track of my cycle hard.


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