helen-louise (baratron) wrote,

if my back was the right shape, it would hurt less

Quiiiiiick update - been drive-by posting a lot lately, which I know is terribly rude (slap me, go on, you know you want to). Have discovered the reason for my back pain - it is related to my new need to gargle twice a day. It seems that in tipping my neck backwards to gargle I've been twisting my back into positions which are not advisable for people with bad backs (um, and probably not for anyone, to be honest). Hrm. So it is another situation where one of my health problems triggers one of my others (see also: developing latex allergy through always wearing rubber gloves because of detergent allergy, having to take tablets with lactose bases despite being chronically lactose intolerant, etc). Not that that happens on a regular basis, oh noooo...

So I have to find a new way to gargle that doesn't involve tipping my head back too much, but this is difficult because my tongue is not very powerful (!) and I have trouble propelling the water around without choking unless I tip my head back lots. Any suggestions, please feel free. If you know of a website with detailed instructions for how the bad-backed should gargle, that'll do nicely ;) If I can't come up with something sensible soon, I might have to ring my physiotherapist - but I feel a bit rude ringing her to ask for free advice without also booking an appointment...

my god, my life is exciting - sorry viewers, normal levels of surreality will be resumed soon

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