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oooh... political again :)

I was supposed to have been interviewed about polyamory tonight, but the journalist was ill so it's been postponed. Nonetheless, I have still had an extremely active activist day.

Richard and I went to see a hotel that I was interested in as a possible venue for alt.polycon 8 in February. It was a pretty exhausting visit - I was there for over 2 hours talking through all of the special requests we have that are different from the business conferences that they're used to. I've picked up a lot from the two alt.polycons I've attended, looking at various venues here and reading useful web resources from SF con organisers. I'm quietly hopeful that we can come to an agreement soon.

I found myself some lunch, and did some shopping. As my online searches had not proven fruitful, I decided to look in various shops in Old Compton Street for Pride merchandise. [I've found plenty of both generic queer and bi-specific Pride gear, but only from sites based in the USA. I want to make sure that the stuff I order gets here in time for Brighton Pride.] Found absolutely bugger all - just a few postcards and stickers, whistles on a rainbow ribbon (£9.99! For a whistle) and a couple of leather armbands that would require me to be considerably more butch than I actually am. So I was feeling pretty uninspired.

However, I went over to the London Eye to see what the group rates would be like for a trip during alt.polycon, and on the way I noticed that a new shop had opened up in County Hall. I assumed it would sell the worst of the tourist tat that these places do, but went in anyway - and found the perfect Pride outfit. A navy blue t-shirt from the kids' TV programme Rainbow, with Zippy and a rainbow logo, a button badge that says "I love girls" and a rainbow bracelet! Now all I need to find is a short skirt and some brightly-coloured tights to go with it - and I know where I can go to get a short skirt in my size. Yay!

Then, I came back and posted much stuff in shared journals here. I posted about:
improving visibility,
glbt folk and video games,
Homosexual people or homosexual acts? and
Why (the Evening Standard thinks) Gay is the new straight.

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