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angry, snotty & wheezy, in roughly equal measure.

I really need to rant about one of my jobs, but I don't have the emotional energy to expend on it. In a nutshell: current situation sucks & I have some long hard thinking to do - when I have enough emotional energy. Not sure when this'll be. Head in the sand will get me through the next week, and I only have to deal with them twice between now & holiday.

And I have spent the entire day having asthma, starting with when I utterly failed to wake up because my nose and throat were so clogged up I was dizzy and lethargic. Have had to take my relief inhaler 3 times over 8 hours and am still feeling damn wheezy. My preventer inhaler claims it still has 4 doses left, but I'm wondering if maybe it ran out early. Either that, or I am reacting to going out last night to a restaurant that allows smoking on the same floor as the non-smoking, but where I couldn't smell smoke where I was sitting. If I'm even now allergic to that situation, that limits my choice of (nearby) restaurants to... 3.

Have not posted about positive things in my life, like finally finding a nice coat in my size plus warm completely non-animal boots for not much money (even the soles are made of synthetic rubber, so I'm not allergic to them!), or the fact that Richard has FINALLY finished his workbench and the house is starting to return to some semblance of order, or the joys of Pikmin 2. Ah well.

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