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the rest of tonight's news :)

Er... well, last night I went out for Chinese food with Marcus (who has a LiveJournal account but no actual journal). After dinner, we were supposed to be going to see Melisma, who are ajva and jhg's band, but one of their band members let them down. He told them at the weekend that he was quitting the band, but said he'd do the last two gigs that they were booked for - then didn't show up. Huh. Not nice.

So we met up with Richard and went down to Namco to play Dancing Stage and try the new dancing game. It turned out to be called Ez2Dancer (yes, EZ 2 Dancer! Talk about Engrish!) and there's a photo of it here. Couldn't find a web page explaining how to play it in English, but it's very easy - just like Dancing Stage you listen to music and have to step on foot pads at the right time, but there's hand motion sensors too. I liked it a lot, but Marcus and Richard thought it was too easy. Also, it turns out that it isn't the same game as the one Eddy reported seeing at Funland - Marcus got chatting to another dancing game addict and he told us that the one at Funland has 5 hand sensors, whereas this one only has 2. So we'll have to have a look.

Other than that I've just been doing some stuff online. I'm going to have to go shopping tomorrow, as the only food in my fridge is (a) a pot of cheese sauce for pasta, (b) a chocolate brownie, (c) 4 slices of garlic bread and (d) butter. I don't even have any apple juice left. So I'll have to go out and buy food for the next few days. Bah. I enjoy shopping, even for food, but I hate having to do it in the middle of the day when the shops are crowded.

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