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better now

Am doing much better now. Met up with treacle_well, necturus, hobbitbabe, dragon3 and patgreene for dinner - we all just went to the hotel restaurant, and I managed to persuade them to feed me :) Went to bed early (9pm local time) and slept well until 5am, when I woke up having an asthma attack (damn feather pillows). Finally got my nose cleared and fell asleep again, and slept until about 9am, when I went out.

Breakfast was a Clif bar, which I've never had before but know to be vegan because Veganstore stock them - it was interesting. Then I found Starbucks, the Baltimore Visitor Center, and a Whole Foods store, which is basically a large supermarket (the size of our local Sainsbury's) which specialises in organic and health food. They had FOUR FREEZERS of vegan ice cream. We have fridges in the hotel rooms but no freezers. I almost wept.

They had giant vegan double chocolate chip cookies for $0.89. That's like 50p. You can't even buy non-vegan giant cookies at home for that! Millies only go down to 70p per cookie if you buy a thousand!!

Am unlikely to starve anytime soon, but also unlikely to eat healthily :)

Am now in necturus' room using his net connection and discussing philosophy, religion and American culture. Will probably wander down to the consuite in a minute.

By the way, my webmail IS working, so if you want to email me, feel free :)

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