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a minor rant, nothing to worry about.

This morning I had terrible connection trouble. I have something called a FRIACO account which is a fixed-rate internet connection. Basically I pay for the number of hours I want to be connected for and get allocated bandwidth accordingly. It's usually quite cool. Anyway, last night something was broken and I couldn't use my usual dialup number. So I contacted my ISP and said:

I cannot dialup on the number 0808 xxxxxxx.
I can however connect using your 0845 number, and I can also connect to another ISP using their 020 number. So I know there is no problem with my computer, modem or telephone line at this end.

When I try to call the number 0808 xxxxxxx using a normal BT telephone, I hear nothing at all. No tone of any type. When I try to call this number using my Orange mobile phone, I get a "Number Not In Use" message and tone.

The BT line I am calling from has a number which starts 020 8549.

They replied to say:

Thankyou for the information that you have provided, for us to be able to escalate the problem to BT we need the modem type. It is an essential requirement when diagnosing the problem.

This is where my rant starts. Why is my modem type relevant? As I went on to tell them, there is nothing wrong with my modem. If there was, I wouldn't have been able to connect to the web portal to report the problem. As I told them, I couldn't get the number 0808 xxxxxxx to respond when I dial it manually on a normal telephone. I even rang the BT operator and she couldn't get that number to respond! It was so blatently a BT technical fault.

So why the fuck did they want to know what sort of modem I had, and why would they not act on the problem until I'd provided that information?

I wasn't being awkward - at 3.30am I had no way of finding out what sort of modem I had. Richard was asleep, and I couldn't wake him up just for that. Other than asking Richard, the only other way to find out would have been to go inside the computer. Our main computer here is a custom-build job which Richard has added to over many years, so I couldn't just pull out a receipt to find out the information. It's an internal modem, so I would have had to go inside the computer, and there are a whole load of things plugged into the back, making that a difficult job for someone not used to it. *sigh*

Well, the problem is fixed now, and other than having absolutely brain dead tech support people, I'm happy with my ISP. But I got so stressed about the problem that I developed a migraine of the lie down in a dark room and block out all noise variety, and it's taken me the whole day to sleep that off. Which means that I missed the London bi social that I'd been looking forward to going on. It's my own fault for getting so stressed up about my internet access - it's not that important, is it?

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