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from the fucking swingers' convention!

Writing more about alt.polycon just now is going to be sooo difficult, because the hotel internet is stupidly slow tonight. We believe the issue is someone in another room downloading a large quantity of porn ;)

Yesterday I had excellent cheap Chinese food, and met Jon Singer (of whom it has been said...). Then there was the dance, and staying up far too late in the consuite because no one really wanted to go to bed because tomorrow everyone was going home. Today was the Decadent Sunday Brunch which was decadent - and featured plenty of food I could eat (hooray!), and a panel about "What's changed since alt.polycon 1"? If you are a past or present alt.polyamory poster, we probably talked about you ;) Also discussed were The Death Of Usenet, The Replacement Of Usenet With LiveJournal, and Aahz's Dislike of LiveJournal. Finally, "Poly Horror Stories - Funny and Not So Funny". Some of these were pretty amazing.

Finally, there was the orgy of hugging, clearing up the consuite, talking about Roman re-enactment and ancestry with wcg, and an impromptu mini-panel about ethnicity, sexuality, our histories as geeks and AIDS featuring me, trinker, Liana, australian_joe and Ben O. Now I am in australian_joe's room, and he has been oiling his legs.

Oh, in case you haven't heard this story already: rivka went into the public bathroom at the hotel and overheard a woman talking on her mobile phone. She said "Apparently, there's a fucking swingers' convention in the hotel!". So, as rivka said - "Imagine that - a swingers' convention and alt.polycon in the same hotel!". Heh.

Tomorrow, I am going to New York. But imagine this - the Pokemon Center is closed for renovations!!!! I'm going to have to order online and get the stuff shipped to one of my USian friends to hopefully arrive before I leave...

My back hurts, but I'm having a good time.

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