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cold winter's day, touching down in JFK

I am in New York using THE CRAPPEST INTERNET TERMINAL EVER!! It has a touch pad that you can't help but hit if you touch type, and also most of the keys stick so it's virtually impossible to touch type accurately! Argh!

Arrived safely despite "weather" - in case you haven't read previous entries or are outside the US, most of the NorthEastern US is having snowstorms. The pavements (sidewalks) here in the city are half-cleared, but the other half has twice the amount of snow (because they have to put it somewhere), and thus are 2 feet deep. I'm quite amused. My train today was hideously delayed, but never mind eh?

Staying in the Sleaziest Hostel EVER in NY - the toilet is all backed up on my floor, yum. (Not literally on my floor, I should add.) I got a private room because I couldn't face sharing a dorm with strangers, but it is tiny and worse than IC student accommodation circa 1994. $90 per night my arse. At least it's clean.

Anyway - if you're in NY please feel free to email me, and I'll attempt to connect to the net every day. I'm here until very early on Thursday morning - so available for meeting tonight, tomorrow or Wednesday. Yep. Then off to Rochester to see hoopycat, and finally to Boston to see whoever is actually around and wants to see me.

Got to go now, I'm out of $1 bills.

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