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Don't eat the black snow!

New York's snow has started to melt, so there is slush everywhere - which is actually much more slippery than unmelted snow. Also, all the snow & slush along the edges of the roads is a delightful grey or black colour. You've heard of "Don't eat the yellow snow", but this is just silly.

I don't believe this - I just typed a long post about visiting the World Trade Center site and the Stonewall Inn, and I think bloody livejournal has eaten it. And going back to the "Update Journal" page (which usually contains the text of your eaten entry) gives me a page containing bugger all apart from the title "Update Journal". Crap.

Update: Well and truly eaten. But I spent $4.50 typing in that entry (10c per minute), and I'm not going to do that again. I'll retype it later when I'm at hoopycat's, treacle_well's or pir's and not paying through the nose for net access! Sorry :(

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