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home safely, with happy things and annoyances

Things to be grateful for:
- I had no hassle with the TSA on leaving the US (unlike almost everyone else in Logan Airport last night - no idea what was going on, but roughly 1 in 2 people were setting off one detector or another).
- No problems with UK Customs either - having reduced my purchases down to £141 (by leaving a bunch of stuff in the US) I just walked back through the Green channel and didn't get stopped. Hooray, because I wasn't feeling up to trying to prove (truthfully) that although I was wandering round with $450-worth of stuff I'd only paid $250 for it.
- The Starbucks in Heathrow Terminal 4 was open at 6.30am, and Starbucks in the UK haven't yet switched to the hideously sweet "milk chocolate" flavour hot chocolate that they're using in the US.
- I managed to avoid catching the inevitable "flying" cold (caused by sitting in a cramped cabin with horrendously dry recycled air for hours on end) until my journey home, rather than getting it on my outward journey and being ill at alt.polycon.
- There was a small fluffy ewok waiting for me outside the arrivals gate, because he couldn't sleep!! As I had more stuff with me than I could easily carry, it was rather useful that I didn't have to get him out of bed.

Things that are annoying me:
- I have the inevitable "flying" cold, and my throat feels like complete and utter crap.
- As a result, I shouldn't speak (because it's making me cough), and that is the most frustrating thing ever for someone who generally never stops talking.
- Am also all cold and shivery and achey.
- I have jet lag.
- I've watched too much Pokemon Advanced (5 episodes), and now have the theme song on the brain.
- Did I mention I can't actually sing along to it because my throat hurts?
- Got to work tomorrow :(

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