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Accidental Chocolate

I LOVE chocolate. But I am apparently difficult to buy chocolate for. I can't have dairy on pain of becoming really damn ill, and I also have a sweet tooth - sweet enough that most dark chocolate is too bitter for me.

The reason I know I'm difficult to buy chocolate for is the fact that over my few months of teaching, I've received a number of strange presents from grateful students, who told me they bought the whatever it was because they knew I couldn't have dairy and they just couldn't find chocolate without milk in. The weirdest present I've had thusfar was a box of blueberries and a melon the size of Jupiter. I smiled gratefully, and didn't breathe a word of the fact I'm somewhat allergic to melon. I think I gave Jupiter to my mum, whence it provided several breakfasts.

Today I received the gift of Accidental Chocolate. One of my students' dads bought some dark chocolate by mistake, and none of her family will eat it. The student said "You eat dark chocolate, don't you?" and I said "Yes...", figuring at worst I could feed it to Richard, or if it was hideously sugary 20% cocoa solid stuff with lots of dairy, to my mum (who'll eat ANY unwanted chocolate - you've got chocolate you need eating, she's your woman!). So she gave me a box, and I turned it over to read the ingredients, as is my wont. It says in large letters on the back of the box "These gourmet chocolates are free from all dairy ingredients and are suitable for people on a dairy free diet"! They are even certified as vegan!!

I'm just ridiculously amused by the fact that people have spent frigging hours in the shops trying to find chocolate that's safe for me to eat - and then someone finds some by accident. On top of which, it's really good chocolate - 60% cocoa solids, and SO SWEET and vanillary... Only stopped eating them because I still have a cold, which means my IBS is acting up, and sugar is a bad idea on top of a bad belly... But mmmmmm. Accidental Chocolate. Who'd have thought it? ;)

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