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vegan cheese!!!

I have found a vegan cheese that tastes like cheese!, melts like cheese!! and - most amazingly - goes bubbly and brown on the top like real cheese does in a hot oven!!! Am still in shock. Rumour had it that Redwood Foods' "Super-melting" Cheezly was apparently not just smelly-but-tasteless grey plastic like every other fake cheese I've ever tried in this country (at least 5, if you care), but I wasn't going to go believing a recommendation from strangers on the internet. Not least of all from livejournal. No way.

But um, yeah. I made pizza. It smelled like pizza. It tasted like pizza. I don't seem to have become hideously ill from eating it, either, so it probably actually IS vegan cheese rather than real cheese pretending to be vegan. Wow. In case you need vegan cheese in your diet, it is even available from the internet (to UK peeps, anyway). It does contain soy/soya, though, so it's still no good for people who have to avoid that. Sorry.

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