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Why do this myself, if THE INTERNET can help?

Anyone want to make a bunch of sad Pokemon fans very happy?

The following list of letters contains the names of 7 plants: aabcDdeeeffhiiiiiiLlMnnoooooppprRSsttuVWxy

We want to know what those 7 plant names are.

Just to make this really fun, I don't know whether the names are plants in general, or specifically herbs, trees or flowers.

Some ideas could be:
flowers: cornflower, daffodil, daisy, hyacinth, iris, lily, orchid, ox-eye daisy, pansy, peony, poison ivy, primrose, rose, snowdrop, sunflower, sweet pea, tulip, violet

herbs: aloe, box, flax, saffron, thistle

trees: cedar, larch, pine

general: berry

So far the longest chain I have is: box, daisy, orchid, sunflower, violet and pine - but then I'm left with afiiMoppt, which isn't much of anything. What this really needs is either:

a) someone who is very good at anagrams and knows a lot of plant names to work this out in their Copious Free Time

or b) someone to put those letters into an anagram generator and tell it there are 7 words present, and let a computer find the answers - but all the anagram generators I've found online either only take up to 25 letter inputs, or they try to make up a phrase that means something, rather than just giving you 7 random words. Or they cost money :P

So if anyone is EXTREMELY bored... or just curious... you could definitely make some people happy by working it out :) Hell, look at me - I've sat up 2 hours past my bedtime trying to figure it out :/

Update: All worked out now - in a variety of European languages :) The Botany of Tanoby.

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