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my day in Microserfs quotes

Todd instant-mailed me, Women have *chunky* days? Are guys supposed to know this stuff? I am experiencing fear.

I was trying to think of a guy equivalent of "chunkiness", but I couldn't, and meanwhile, the three of them just kept rocking on, and Todd, Bug and I just buried our heads deeper into our work areas.

Dusty said, "Gawd... I was rilly, rilly freaked out the first time I had chunks. No one ever tells you about that in, like, school or at home or anything. You see those Playtex commercials and they've got that watery blue liquid and that's what you're expecting, and then one day you look at your pad and there are... chunks there. Grotacious."

Karla, ever logical, said, "I knew intellectually it had to be uterine lining, but I envisioned the lining as being thin, wispy... not like chunks of liver."

-- from "Microserfs" by Douglas Coupland

So today has not exactly been a "flooding through a heavy-duty pad in 20 minutes" day, but not too far off. If I was using a 100% biodegradable paper pad, it would only last 20 minutes. As it is, the fabric Lunapads are holding up for an hour or so before the first liner is soaked, and maybe 3 hours by the time it gets through to my knickers... Nice! Latex allergy is a bloody nuisance (pun intentional) on heavy flow days, because a plastic-backed pad might actually last more than 3 hours and prevent knicker-stainage. But I don't have that option. So instead, I have a Gorebucket in the bath, which is washing my 101 pairs of stained knickers in cold water that I change every few hours. Delightful.

Also, just to make things really fun, "Chunk" is definitely a Word Of The Day. So even if The Keeper/Mooncup wasn't made of natural rubber, it would be no use at all. Don't even want to consider tampons, and the size and shape they'd be on exit...

And this, btw, is a "normal" period for a woman in my family. It only becomes "worrying" after a week like this. Eurgh. Today, I really wish The Pill was an option...

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